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台灣Day 1

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

想去台灣的念頭﹐想帶母親出國逛的念頭﹐在腦海里漂流了很久。當Air Asia開始飛往台北時﹐我也直接買了兩張機票﹐這次終於可以成行了。

信子的晚餐… :D

Saturday, January 30th, 2010


Apple 的 iPad…

Friday, January 29th, 2010



Friday, January 29th, 2010


Kimman Wong

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Found this cute guy when I was looking for 微涼的你.

Protected: The fight continues

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

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Fighting with bed nightmare

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I called Goodnite to follow up on the email I sent on Sunday. I got the emails and customer support phone number from Mr. Tay’s name card.

Buggy Goodnite Romantique 18 mattress!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I wrote a lengthy email to Goodnite company last night. Oh yeah, for those following my blog, but didn’t add me in Facebook, you might not know the nightmare that I am going through. I think, me, never blog a single word about this disaster!

Limited souvenier from my Taiwan trip to be given away!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


I decided to give away 10 souvenier gifts from my Taiwan trip. 4 5 have been booked. Anyone who reply here, will have the souvenier too! :) It’s a little hand-made gift. Hope those receive it, will like it. :)

Hopefully I’ll be able to give out before CNY.

For my blog readers, please specify your favourite spot! :)

- taipei city 台北市
- dan shui 淡水
- jiu fen 九份
- tai dong (town area) 臺東市中心
- tai dong (non-town area) 臺東非市中心
- jia yi 嘉義
- fen qi hu 奮起湖
- alishan 阿里山
- yu shan sun rise 玉山日出
- sun moon lake (evening/nite/morning) 日月潭 (黃昏/夜晚/早上)
- xi men ding 西門町
- che cheng 車程
- the nine natives culture village 九族文化村
- long shan temple 龍山寺



Monday, January 18th, 2010