26 Things in November 2010

These photos were taken during my trip to Singapore and Langkawi. Some were taken while I was driving back from work, or at home.

1. Tall

The tallest point to park a ship in Singapore.

2. Amazing

An amazing icon in Singapore, Merlion. There’s another smaller one nearby for people to take photo with.

3. Round

My friend brought me to Blue Mountain Café, where I had a chance to sip this lovely and tasty coffee.

4. Hidden

I was loitering in a book store nearby, where I found the happiness hidden on the book shelves. Did you see it?

5. Green

I wasn’t sure why there were noticeable number of people have daisy with them. I found one in the green.

6. An animal

I was actually wanted to take the photo of a dinosaur found right behind my apartment. Somehow, when I remember to bring camera to check it out, it’s already gone with the rain. So, I have to find something else to replace it… and I found the koala bear in my kitchen.

7. Dirty

It’s quite hard for me to snap a photo for this theme. Not that I am surrounding by cleanliness only… but… If I snap a photo in my house, this would mean my house is dirty. If I snap at some place that is familiar to people, people will notice that place is dirty. This was one of the last four pictures of this list that I have no idea what to take. Finally, I decided to snap the photo of the glass, on the bus that we took in Langkawi trip. The dimension of this photo different from others, and yes, finally after a long long while, I am using my Nikon again.

8. Early

It was early Sunday morning, in Singapore. My friend took me to town on MRT. I saw Nicholas Cage greets me with a big smile on his face. It’s just so sweet. :)

9. Weather

I wanted to take sunny bright weather, but too bad, it was always gloomy or rainy when my camera is with me. This is on my way back from office.

10. An Arrow

I actually encountered a lot of arrows. At last, I choose this one, though the theme is an arrow, I give more arrows on the photo. :P

11. Curve

Actually, there are a lot of curvy things in Singapore as my object of interest. I choose this one because it’s also iconic in Singapore. There are a lot of the photos here are from Singapore trip, I was hoping to get everything in that trip actually.

12. Tomorrow

I was thinking to snap photo of a watch or time indicator for this theme. Then I saw this little girl and her mommy’s interaction in the MRT. Children are the hope for tomorrow. The mother was so keen to cultivate her kid to learn (use the time to the fullest). I see “tomorrow” in them.

13. Inside

The plant just grow from … inside the wall! The girl behind is my friend, looking at the map to figure where next to bring me to. :D

14. A Ceiling

I took quite a number of ceiling photos. From the escalator going out from MRT station, in the MRT station, in a shopping complex, at the art house and etc. I also snap the photo of the ceiling from Cheer’s concert, which was my ultimate goal for the Singapore trip. Here’s my pick.

15. Watch out

I wanted to take a more lively photo for this theme. I mean, probably human interaction, or human action on this topic. However, I can’t “find” the scene for this. Finally, at the hotel that we stay in Langkawi, I found this notice, “Caution. Slippery edge.” Watch out, and don’t fall down!

16. Key

I am lacking of idea for this. So I took my house key for this.

17. Reflection

I did quite a number of shots for this theme. This was taken before my flight to Singapore at the airport. You can see the reflection of a stalls, and also the cargo vehicle image overlay each other.

18. Track

I actually wanted to take something related to music track photos. But I didn’t. Instead, I took the pedestrian’s walkway at the car park of my office. Later, I decided to use the photo of the track of cable car in Langkawi. We had a quite “memorable” experience there with the heavy blowing wind and rain.

19. Framed

Took this photo in one of the complex in Singapore. Wanted to take my own photo framed in mirror, but the effect was not nice. My hand was shaking so bad that I finally gave up.

20. Busy

I saw the sifu were so busy making cakes, and so many customers around to make order. This is my “busy” photo.

21. Strange

I have no idea what to associate with this theme. Then I saw there’s exhibition of art works at one of the corner in Singapore (I wasn’t sure where was I). This drawing was about human/people impression in a strange form. I don’t know how to describe it. There’s the strange theme for his art work in the photo.

22. Upside Down

I believe this is the last piece of “puzzle” that I finally put on to make this 26 things happening. People did give me suggestion for this theme, which I am not interested at all. In my Langkawi trip, mostly is on shopping. I was sitting out of the shopping mall, waiting for time to pass by, while playing around with my Nikon. Then I saw this man wearing the spec UPSIDE DOWN and FRONTSIDE BEHIND! Ha! Gotcha!

23. Spots

At first, I thought this theme means “dots”. Then I tried Google translate, it’s saying 景點. So, any spots will do! I just love doing this kind of shots, macro mode!

24. Shoes

I took my friend’s shoes photo. I also took mine. This little girl was on the same plane with me back from Singapore. She is a Chinese girl, I guess she is from Indonesia. She keep on talking non-stop, and so cute, in Indonesian language. She has the same curiosity level as mine! Her grand father was so patience to answer to her every question!

25. Weathered

I don’t really know what does this mean. My friend told me, it’s the result of the weather. Here you go, I took this on the street of Singapore.

26. Sunday morning

I am putting a big smile on my face now! I took this photo on the Sunday morning where I was in a car, on my way to the airport to leave Singapore. What else can better to describe on a Sunday morning with McD breakfast?! :D

P/S, this is the destroyed dinosaur nearby my apartment…

This is a project initiated from http://sh1ft.org/projects/index.php/2010/11/26-things-november-2010-2/

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