Intel family day

It was Intel family day for normal shift in Penang. I was unable to get my “family members” at the very last minute, thus I went alone. I was hoping I’ll get some… I mean a, door gift as a souvenir. Alas, I got 4 bottles of mineral water, 4 pandan cakes, and 4 packets of koko crunch.

Then, I find a place to sit down, and enjoy my big fest for breakfast. It was the Move.Pump.Jump session. There’s a couple standing near me. The boyfriend (husband?) was dancing along. The girlfriend (wife?) tried to make him go to the stage to dance. Then a clown came, encourage both of them to go on stage. It was such a funny scene to watch while makan. :D Kelakar betul.

… … …

As I was on the phone with my sis, suddenly I heard numbers! I quickly say bye to my sis, and rush near to the stage. You know what?! It was just a number away from mine for the lucky draw! Then I heard another group of number, which is another number away from the earlier number! In short, they just don’t announce my number! I called my sis again, “Aiya! It was so closed!” Yet, the ticket owner never go and claim the gift!

Then I walked around the booths, checking out if there’s anything I can eat for free, or play. The food stalls price was very expensive. Then I … gosh, I forgot what was the booth I first queue up then left after a while. The next line I followed was the challenge to throw 10 pieces of “healthy” food into the hole with plastic bag within 30 seconds. I made it with 12 in! Then I ask that boy, with the extra 2, can I get 2 extra apples? Here it is my tiny apple. I have been quite long time never see tiny apple! Thanks to the company for pampering us with giant fruits during lunch time. :P

I have to snap close-up to make it look bigger…

Later, I go for the free health check. The nurse asked me to sit down, to take the glucose measurement for me. I said ok and sat down. Suddenly my mind was working, I asked her, “Are you going to poke my finger?” “Yes, I need to take your blood for the test.” GHM! I am soooooo regret to try for this free “thing”! Sob sob sob… I act like normal, but I wanted to cry already. The blood seems like won’t stop at all, even though I press hard on the cotton. I was wanted to get a plaster from her, but there’s no sign of plaster available. My blood pressure was OK, according to the nurse, but I think it was rather low. Probably it is not too low till treatment is needed. 99/62. I had lower measurement in my previous check, but I can’t remember the figure already.

I saw Sudoku game nearby. So, I walked up to take up the challenge. (Eh? I think I have this after the first game…) I tried very very hard, but can’t complete it. :( Then I realize my lucky draw token is missing! I search all my pockets and the recycle bag, again and again, at last, found it in my back pocket. I just didn’t notice it during my first few searches. I decided to put it with my badge, so it is secure and easy to reach! Haha! Then, I gave up on the Sudoku. But I brought it to the tent near the stage, and continue to solve it. (Just, I still unable to solve it…)

First time see Harith Iskandar in real person! I must take his photo and show to my sis! I also recorded the conversation between him and two 8 years-old kids. It was so funny. That little girl declared she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and her cousin said, he has two girl friends! Harith asked him, “If you were needed to choose one of them, who would you choose?” He answered the first girl name that he mentioned. Haha! 8 year-old already know how to tackle girl! Geng! My memory in the 8 year-old period… I can recall my class teacher’s surname, and which classroom I was in… and nothing else. The girlfriend/boyfriend thingy was start to come to life when were standard 5/6, I think.

Then there was a quiz session. This little boy was so enjoy playing with the… colored papers? That he could just play there alone on one-boy-show! Later, I wonder why he was crying, and his mom was just sat right next to me. Within a minute, he stops crying, and become “alive” again! Wow… kids…

Then, the Intel mascot appears!!! It is so cute!!! Arrghhh!! I wish I was a kid, so the adults will bring me to it and take photo with it! (Shall I use it, or him, or her ah?) That was the moment I walked near the stage, and hang around there, snapping photos and taking movies.

Suddenly, someone asked what am I doing? Rupa-rupanya it’s CH with his baby daughter. She was rather cool, but willing to let me to hold her! His dad was surprised too. Hehe… I am a good girl, the kid knows! :P (I think she likes my G10. :P)

Then lucky draw again…

Look at the kid behind, I am not sure if today’s event will inspire him to become a guitarist or musician when he grow up! Harith noticed him too, and asked him to sing a song!

Then, I saw this guitar… and also the KM band! Err… I don’t have photo for the band, but I did record video of them.

And then, last round of the lucky draw. I waited near the stage, I mean, really near the stage. While waiting for my number to be called, I didn’t stop shooting photos. I was playing with this little girl too. Too bad, my number was never been called.

Before I left the carnival, I went to check out the game booth. I was too hungry to play any of them, so I took off with my Kembara, and headed to QBM.

I enjoyed the day a lot, except for the unexpected “bloody” event.

Oh yeah, this is some of the prize winners…

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  1. sawleng Says:

    looks fun :)

  2. 野風信子 Says:

    yup… if can win the lucky draw even funnier… :P

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