PDC Carnival 2010

The registration starts at 10:00 am, we were slightly late. However, we don’t really see a big crowd of people at the registration counter. Probably we were too early?

* Too bad, forgot to snap photo at the registration counter *

We went upstairs for movie ticket collection, and Redbox to check out the karaoke session. Both to be start at 12:00 pm. Both Sam and I didn’t have breakfast, so we decided to go hunt for food. To make the situation worse, the restaurant we went only open at 12:00pm. Then, we headed to the sand art station nearby, where there were some kids start to play with the cards and coloured sand. I never did this, and it seems for kids only. Then I saw a few “youngsters” in the kid’s crowd and do their piece of work. (Did I really saw it?) So, I decided to join the club. Sam and Milky were standing there watching us enjoying, later they also be part of us enjoy our first “station” of the carnival.

Sam was busy doing his sand art, while I and Milky had been long done and watching people around there. We decided to go to register for massage and manicure, Sam would join us later. We didn’t queue up for the massage because it’s already long queue. We went to manicure shop to register. Look at the registration paper. That is for waiting list, as the booking for the day is already full! Though my name is number 23, but look at the names before me, and the number of pax that register with the names! I felt that I am #100 ++ at the waiting list! They said they will call if there’s any slot, which I doubt it. So, we moved on to another station.

Look at the queue, where SC is in. Those are the PDCiers the family members. They were queuing for … an empty counter? Later I only found out it’s the movie ticket counter. Gosh! The show of the day is Harry Potter. Sam and Milky already watched it, so we decided not to watch movie. We went to the arcade instead. I was quite disappointed that I only manage to get 6 tokens. If I brought more family member, how are we going to “distribute” the tokens? (Thank god my sisters weren’t able to make it. :P)

We played the basket ball. I used to watch people play it. Never try it before. So, it was a pleasant experience. I only got half of Milky’s points!

Finally, Sam met up with us and we went for lunch. The upper right is the picture of someone from circuit team, can guess who?

Let Sam be our model to show the cards that we did, can you guess which is done by whom?

We had a great lunch at i-Dragon (or Dragon-i?). :)

After lunch, we went to the stage area and watched the dance for a while. Then we hunt for game stalls. On our way there, I nearly got paparazzi shot, too bad, the famous artist KH realized it, and threw a big smile together with his gf. Else, I can make up some stories about it. :D

The bull dogs are for sales, not for win. We queued up and play all the games. This is our winning prizes.

Saw this cool boy, and I like him. :P

We went for karaoke after that. :)

Hey, I just realized we were singing in a wardrobe! Haha!

Later, we went for arcade for remaining token before leaving for the next destination. Overall, I enjoyed in the Carnival. :) Thanks to the organizing committee.

- end -

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